In Espaço Terra we always try to reuse and upcycle materials, thus reducing our consumption and applying one (or more) of the 5 R’s.



So when packing our order we reuse every type of cardboxes, that were sent to us by our providers, relatives or clients. 

Our package filler is basically reused material, whether it’s plastic or paper, such as newspapers, magazines, other packages filler, etc.

Our sticky tape is made of recyclable kraft paper. 

When and if we need to use new boxes (hope not) due to the lack of reused ones, we will choose recyclable kraft cardboxes. 

Our labels are the only identification of our store and will be the only part of packaging that is not reused but new. 

Regarding the products sold in bulk, we also use reused packaging to fill and send our products. Our main goal is to repurpose plastic packaging that is already a part of our lives and that is sent to us by friends, relatives and lovely clients. The type of packaging might vary, but all of them are properly washed and sanitized so that they don’t compromise the product’s quality and safety.



We are very pleased to accept from our clients materials for us to reuse in our packaging. We and the planet thank you. These are some examples of materials we accept/need:

  • Cardboard boxes, in reasonable condition;
  • Packaging filler (magazines, newspapers, bubble wrap, filler paper, egg cartons, etc.);
  • Glass jars – you don’t need to wash or remove labels because we will have to wash it again and sanitize all jars;
  • Plastic bottles from detergents, cosmetics and food products (water and juice bottles, jams, olive oil, cooking oils, etc.) – you don’t need to wash or remove labels because we will have to wash it again and sanitize all jars.


We also accept the following products in order to be reused or properly recycled: 

  • Mind The Trash’s shampoo bar packaging;
  • Shaeco’s packaging;
  • Georganics’ toothbrush heads in order to be sent for recycling to create new bristles;
  • Nuud tubes in order to be sent to a composting center. 


If you want to send us materials, we kindly ask you to contact us by email to and we will try to find the best way for you to send them to us.