Welcome to Espaço terra.

I am Elisa and, in association with Cristian, I founded this place (ours and yours), where we can talk about sustainability.

Our environmental concerns have been a reality since school. But they intensified in recent years, due to the uprise of the climate crisis, which motivated us to adopt more sustainable life habits. When we moved in together, a year ago, we decided to implement a more sustainable lifestyle since the beginning. A little change at a time and, without noticing, there was a big difference in our house and our lives.

However, simply changing our lives was not enough for us. So, from our need to do more for the planet, this project was born.

In Espaço Terra our goal is to educate for sustainability, by speaking about the climate crisis and the solutions to it, showing that it is possible to fight it with our individual action, through little (big) changes in our daily lives and the system.

Naturally these changes imply a more sustainable consumption with the least impact possible on the planet. Therefore, this will not only be a place to learn, but also an online store, where you will be able to find more sustainable choices for your daily lives.

We believe we can leave the world a little better than we found it. But we need one another in order to save the only home we have: our Earth.